Dear Teachers,

I am thankful for the way you model and integrate technology into the curriculum. You do a terrific job adapting to new and ever changing tools and resources.  You Inspire, Empower and Engage our students in learning.

Below are some educational resources for you.  I hope you find them useful!

ResourcesMaker, Robots and More
Logging Into Google Domain @rcpsvt.orgChibitronics How to Circuits
Google Classroom HelpLego Robotics
Google Education BlogSketchup
Rutland City Schools Technology VideosTinkercad
ISTE Standards Students Android Apps on Chrome Help
ISTE Standards Teachers Epilogue Zing Laser Cutter Manual
SMART Notebook TutorialsStratasys 3D Uprint Manual
Google Applied Digital Skills CurriculumMade with Code
Become a Google Certified EducatorArduino
Read and Write for Google SupportMakey-Makey
WeVideoBreakout EDU
ISTE CertificationBare Conductive Paint, Boards, etc.
Google Education HelpSparkful LilyPad Tutorials e-Sewing